Vivid Fortnite Settings

Noah Wright aka Vivid is a professional player on Fortnite for Team Liquid since his excellent performances during the Summer Skirmish where he clearly impressed the entire community with his consistency.


Mousepad: Glorious Extended Gaming Mousepad
Keyboard: Logitech G PRO
Monitor: Alienware 25 gaming monitor
Headset: Hyper X CLOUD II

Vivid Fortnite Sensitivity

Mouse DPI: 800
Polling rate: 500
Mouse sensitivity X: 0.17
Mouse sensitivity Y: 0.12
Mouse targeting S: 0.60
Mouse scope S: 0.60

Fortnite Video Settings

Vivid Fortnite Settings 35

Vivid resolution: 1920×1080
View distance: medium
Shadows: off
Anti-aliasing: off
Textures: low
Effects: low
Post Processing: low

Vivid Fortnite Keybinds

Building Keybinds

Wall: Q
Platform: Thumb mouse button 4
Stairs: E
Roof: Thumb mouse button 5
Build editing key: G

Gameplay Keybinds

Use: F
Crouch: C
Open inventory: I
Trap: T
Harvesting tool: X
Weapon 1: 1
Weapon 2: 2
Weapon 3: 3
Weapon 4: 4
Weapon 5: 5



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