16 Best & Rarest Fortnite Skins

Fortnite has really stepped up the game when it comes to skin. In every season, they are new cosmetic surprises and some skins have already become rare. Some Fortnite skins are early releases while others are seasonal.

We’ve also come across skins that are randomly unveiled. Therefore, as you play, you may want to check whether your favorite skin is available in the shop.

Some of the skins on this list are no longer available in Fortnite. If you have one of these, you are probably lucky. We have also listed all Fortnite skins that we’ve found in the game.

Best Fortnite Skins – The Rarest Fortnite Skins Collection

Below is a list of the best and rarest skins in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Renegade Raider

Renegade RaiderThe Renegade Raider is one of the rarest and best Fortnite skins. The skin was a reward from Season 1 and to get it on the store, you had to reach level 20 and spend 1200 V-Bucks. Ninja is one of the pro Fortnite players that have this skin.

Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul TrooperThis skin was released during the Halloween even and looks like a ghoul with bluish skin. The skin is not good looking and costs 300 V-Bucks more than the Skull Trooper, which is of a similar theme. The skin is no longer in the item shop.

Red Knight

Red KnightThis skin was available in the item shop at the start of Season 2. This good-looking skin is quite similar to the Black Knight skin but mainly has red influences. The skin costs 2000 V-Bucks but is currently not available at the item shop.

Skull Trooper

Skull TrooperThe Skull Trooper skin was released during the Fortnite Halloween event but has never been seen since. The skin features a painted skeleton costume with face makeup.

Aerial Assault Trooper

Aerial Assault TrooperThe Aerial Assault Trooper was available on Season 1 Battle Pass. At the time, there were not many players and to get the skin, you had to first unlock level 15 and buy it from the item shop. Very few players bought the skin.

Recon Expert

Recon ExpertThe rare Recon Expert skin is basic but sold at an expensive price of 1200 V-Bucks. As a result, not many people have bought it. The skin was available during Season 1 in the item shop and only for one day!

Ginger Gunner

Ginger GunnerThe Ginger Gunner is available in both male and female versions and is a Christmas themes gingerbread character. The skin was available briefly over the Christmas holidays and has not been seen since.

Tower Recon Specialist

Tower Recon SpecialistThe Tower Recon Specialist looks like the default skin you get when you start playing Fortinet. The skin is not very popular among gamers compared to others on the Fortnite shop.

Love Ranger

Love RangerMost players bought the Love Ranger probably because of its wings rather than the skin itself. The skin looks like a concrete angel statue and was on the Royale Hearts Set, which was released on a Valentine’s Day event. The skin is available at the Fortnite shop.


RavenThe Raven skin had a unique look and was the first skin available as a cosmetic purchase. The skin costs about $20 and has constantly been rated as one of the best Fortnite skins. However, it is not that rare.

Omega Full Armor

Omega Full ArmorYou can obtain this skin when you reach Tier 100 in Battle Pass Season 4. You can reach Tier 100 either by buying or leveling up with Battle Stars. Grinding to obtain this skin will take some time as you’ll need 1000 Battle Stars to reach Tier 100. Majority of players with the skin bought their progress with V-bucks.

Sgt. Green Clover

Sgt. Green CloverThis skin was released on St. Patrick’s Day and only for a limited time. Not many people bought the skin, so you may not see it when playing.

Black Knight

Black KnightThe Black Knight as available in Season2 and could be obtained as a reward for players who hit Tier 70. The skin also comes with a back skin called the Black Shield.

Sparkle Specialist

Sparkle SpecialistThe Sparkle Specialist skin was released in Season 2 and is available in the Fortnite Fever. This skin is exclusive to passes and hence you won’t find many players rocking it.

The Reaper

The ReaperThis was the last skin to be gained in the Season 3 Battle Pass. To get the skin, you had to obtain Tier 1000 and unlock it. Therefore, only the most dedicated players were able to obtain it.

However, since many people played in Season 3, there are quite a number of players with the skin. The Reaper is based on the John Wick movie franchise and most players simply refer to it as John Wich.

Blue Team Leader

The skin Blue Team Leader was awarded to PlayStation 4 players with a Plus subscription that played Fortnite and liked their accounts. The Plus subscription enhances your PSN account for PlayStation. The skin could also be used on PC if you had linked your accounts.

The Blue Team Leader skin comes with a glider.

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