Fortnite Mac Settings: Make Fortnite Run Better on Mac

One of the problems you may experience when playing Fortnite Battle Royale on a Mac device is low FPS or lag. You do not want lag when playing as your opponents will have an advantage over you.

In this guide, we will show you how to make Fortnite run better on Mac devices by adjusting the settings.

Best Fortnite Mac Settings

By following this guide, you will increase your FPS and have a smoother experience when playing Fortnite.

But to start off, you should make sure that your Mac device meets the minimum Fortnite requirements. These are the same requirements for Windows PC. They are:

  • Mac OS X Sierra (or above)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • Intel HD 4000

You will have an even better experience if your Mac has higher specs than these.

If your Mac already meets the minimum specs, there are a couple of things you can do to make Fortnite run better.

Get Boot Camp (Windows) for Your Mac

One of the ways you can make Fortnite run better on Mac is by using the Windows Operating System (OS). Using Window OS will seriously improve the FPS on your Mac.

Fortnite runs better on Windows OS. And the good news is that you can actually use both Mac OS and Windows OS on your Mac at the same time. You can use Boot Camp to install Microsoft Windows on your Mac.

When your Mac has the Windows OS, install Fortnite on that Windows partition. You can choose whether to start your Mac in Mac OS or Windows OS when booting it up.

fortnite mac settings

Set All Settings to Low

If you want to boost Fortnite performance on Mac, you will have to sacrifice some visual effects. One of the ways of doing this is by opting for low settings. Depending on your Mac, you can have post processing and anti-aliasing on Medium or high as they do not affect the FPS a lot.

Play in Full screen Mode

Most gamers use windowed or windowed full screen mode. If you want to increase the performance of the game as well as have an easier time playing it, run it on Full screen.

Set Audio Quality to Low

Audio quality can actually affect your FPS but not by a huge margin. Still, if you are looking to optimize Fortnite for Mac, it would have to set the audio quality to Low.

Close Background Programs

Make sure there are no unnecessary programs running on the background. If you won’t be using any program when playing Fortnite, make sure it’s closed. You can, of course, leave a few programs that you may need. For example, leaving Discord on or your favorite music player on will not greatly affect Fortnite performance.

However, if you are using Discord, make sure it’s optimized by ensuring that the Hardware Acceleration settings are unchecked. These settings are found under the User settings.

playing fortnite on a mac

The above are the best Fortnite settings for Mac that will ensure you have a lag-free game. After changing the settings, make sure you restart your Mac for the changes to take effect.

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