Fortnite Supply Llama Locations: All the Loot Llamas Spawn Locations

Are you looking for a Fortnite supply llama for the new Season 5 challenge? If so, this article is for you.

Fortnite llamas, or simply supply llamas, are a feature of the Battle Royale gaming model. Word on the street is that there are only three llamas create for every match. Therefore, finding one can be quite difficult. Moreover, since the llamas exist when a match starts, they can be lying anywhere.

If you are playing Season 5, one of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for week 1 is “Search a Supply Llama”. The llamas are packed with lots of building materials and other supplies, and hence are quite useful.

After playing Fortnite for hundreds of hours and collaborating with other Fortnite users, we’ve found the best Fortnite llama locations. These are the places where you are most likely to find the llamas.

About 59% of Llamas are in mountains or trees while 23% are on raised grounds or roofs. Therefore, you may want to search these areas when playing.

However, keep in mind that the llamas spawn at random locations. This means they can be anywhere at any time.

Fortnite Llama Map

Below is the Fortnite llama locations maps.

Fortnite Supply Llama Locations

Below is a heatmap showing the most likely Fortnite llama loot locations:

supply llamma location heatmap

The red areas are where the most llamas are found while the blue areas are where the least llamas are found.

Watch the video below to learn how to search supply llama locations:

Search Supply Llama Locations

Supply llamas are rare and only 3 spawn per game and at random locations. Getting one of the llamas means having an abundant or resources that will give you an edge when playing Battle Royale. The llamas contain:

  • Consumables
  • 3 traps
  • 10 stacks of each ammo type
  • 200 metal, stone, wood

Below are the supply llama locations on Fortnite.

  • East of Retail Row (I6) – You should definitely look at this place as there are two potential spawn locations here
  • East of Salty Springs (G7) – in the southeast corner between G7 and H7
  • Southeast from Moisty Mire (I9)
  • Pleasant Park (C4) – outside a house on the border between C3 and C4
  • Tomato Town (G3)
  • North of Loot lake (E4) – in the northwest corner
  • Moisty Mire (I8)
  • East of Retail Row (I6) – southeast of the triangle of trees
  • Southeast from Salty Springs (F7) – on the border between F7 and F8
  • North of Fatal Fields (F7) – on the border between F8 and F7
  • South of the Prison (H5)
  • South of Tilted Towers (D6) – on the far eastern side near the border with E6
  • South of Greasy Grove (C7)
  • East of Retail Row (I6) – north of the triangle of trees
  • West of Fatal Fields (F8)

You should check these locations if you are nearby. The llamas are opened just like any other treasure chest. If you wish, you can also smash them open.

Supply llamas typically take a little longer to open than conventional boxes (up to 5 seconds to open). Thus, you may want to build some walls for cover to avoid getting killed.

Let us know in the comments of other Fortnite supply llama locations.


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