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If you’ve never been able to make a Top 1 by the force of your weapons alone, you may need to adopt another strategy. Here is a guide to help you learn how to optimize your performance in the game and ensure you get better seats.

Fortnite now has a Royal Battle mode and with it come many subtleties. It must be said that this is not a game mode used by the agitated triggers. In order to help you get better results during your different games, here are some tips to get started and maximize your chances.

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Years of competitive shooting games could mislead you, but Fortnite is a survival game, not a kills game. Don’t jump on all the enemies you see, don’t shoot them if you’re not sure you’re going to kill them, especially when they haven’t noticed you yet. Camping is a viable strategy, as is running away. All the excuses and means are good to survive and you should not be ashamed to use them.

Tell you what, you can do 98 kills. If the last player kills you, he wins. Knowing this, only engage in a fight if you have the advantage, or if you no longer have a choice.


Your hearing is just as important as your sight in Fortnite Battle Royal. You’ll hear your enemies very often before you even see them. Whether running, jumping, jumping, firing, opening doors, equipping themselves with weapons or recharging them, everything you and your enemies do produces sound. The spatialization of the sound will even allow you to know the exact position of certain opponents. It is therefore important to limit the noises you make, while paying close attention to the noises of others.

The one who was never alone

The less opponents you meet, the more likely you are to win. Imagine that each duel you make is tossed on a flip-flop, you’ll need to tie as many flips as you’ll encounter to win. And since it’s easier to win 1 toss rather than 99 tossed toss, stay away from other players.

This is all the more true at the beginning of the game. Avoid jumping out of the Battle Bus at the same time as everyone else, or make sure you’re going in an original direction. Most players head for the big cities or places on your map.

Running away from the City

Run away from the cities. You don’t have to go to big cities or massive places to get equipment. These places have many more resources than you need for a single player and are full of opponents. Instead, settle for a small hamlet or a home away from others. You will find there well a rifle of assault, some chests and perhaps even armor.

Dancing with the Zone

Camping is a viable strategy because it has its limitations in Fortnite. The area will prevent you from camping absolutely anywhere and will force you to move around relatively often.

Concretely, a good Battle Royale player knows how to play with the zone. The goal is not just to be in the area and drive towards it. You have to know how to dance around and anticipate how other players will react to it.

Let us look at this with an example:

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The white circle is the next field. The red dot underneath the area is you. You could simply enter the zone by going straight ahead, but you may be expected by players who were already in the zone. In addition, given the position of the circle, the majority of the players still alive will arrive in your back by going towards the zone (as shown by the blue arrows). You will have opponents in front of you and behind you.

To maximize your chances of survival, go around the area to the east and enter it from the north (c. f. the red arrow). You will be so close to the coasts and in an area that is generally so poor in players that the risk will be lower. Even players inside the zone will expect to see opponents arriving from the south and west.

Whenever possible, always arrive where you are not expected. The element of surprise is the advantage that will make you win more than one game.

The Gate, please.

Doors are more important than they seem to be. If you arrive in front of a house and its door is open, it means that someone has already passed before you. In the best case, this means that you don’t have time to search the building because an opponent will have taken care of it. In the worst case, enemies are there and will kill you if they find you.

On the other hand, when you enter a building, always remember to close the door behind you. It doesn’t take long

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