Best Technology Gifts for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 29, is Mother’s Day.
Your mom might expect no gifts, but of course she should have one! Here are tips on eight things that moms want.

For moms with mobile: Stylish Charging Stand

stylish charge
Remember to avoid getting the phone tangled in wires. Just put your phone in its stand and let charge until you mother wants to check if you put out something new on Instagram or call and hear how it went at the job interview.
For iPhone moms, there is Apple’s elegant Lightning. You can find the charge in the same colors as the cell phone. For Android mobile users, there are wireless charging plates where you can put your phone to charge.

For moms who want to move: Activity meter that does not need to be charged

activity meters Watches and sports bracelets are great, but who can keep this up with yet another gadget to be loaded all the time? Not your mother. The solution is Withings new activity meter Go. This gadget has an electronic screen and comes with a battery that lasts eight months. Teh gadget can be worn as a watch or set of clothes. The activity meter can communicate with the mobile, allowing your mom to see how far she has walked or swam. The meter can also track your sleep.
The company has not gone out of business yet. Order the mete fom Withings.

For tired moms: Lamp with sunrise and birdsong

bedside radio with lamp Imagine your mother is tired and she does not want to get up. What can you do to help? You can get her this kind of bedside lamp with built sunrise and clock radios to keep her alert every day of the year. The lamp simulates the light from the sun and has various wake-up sounds, such as birds. If you wish, you can set it to simulate the wake up to the radio morning show. Check this gadget that is available in several models with different features.

For moms who want to share: the camera that captures the world

theta s The Ricoh Theta S will let your mom shine on social media. The camera looks like a small stick, but images and movies will be something different than the usual flat mobile images. There is a panoramic camera, which makes spherical, 360 degrees, photos and movies, so that the viewer can walk around and check the image.

For moms with shaky hands: Durable shell to the plate

linocell shock poof case Does your mom have an Ipad she hardly dare use because she is afraid of losing it? If so, you should get he the Linocell Shock Proof Case.This case is made for children, but equally suitable for adults whom a thin glass plate is slippery to hold. The sturdy grip edges make it easier to keep the plate and protects the glass if it falls to the floor. The gadget is available in blue and pink.

For moms who love reading: A real e-reader

e reader Does your mom love reading? If so, a Kindle Paperwite is what she needs. The gadget is easy to maintain, has a much longer battery life and is pleasing to the eye than the plates with bright screen. With the gadget, your mother can buy any books she wants on Amazon. The purchase can be made directly from the Kindle without a hassle.

For mothers who are frugal: All songs and entire web

spotify on mobile Is mom fugal? Or maybe she can not afford to buy some luxuries? Does she tun off the mobile data in the mobile phone so that she can answer Skype and Messenger while she is out? Does she still have the same old CDs? If so, give her a year with Spotify and prepaid mobile surfing. This will help her discover how much fun it is to always keep in touch and discover new and old music.

For moms who are good listeners: Good stories throughout the summer

audio reader If mom likes to listen to audio books – give her a gift that lasts all summer. Buy her a subciption at so she can listen to as many books as she wants. The books can also be downloaded so she can listen even there she did not have internet access.

PS: Three gift ideas that are not so expensive:

  • Play Wordfeud and Cross Boss with mother.
  • Update her PC to Windows 10
  • Take a free month trial of Netflix and let her see their favorite movies with you

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