Best Monitor Settings for Fortnite Battle Royale (PC, Xbox & PS4)

The settings in a game and the external hardware can affect your gameplay. For example, a crystal clear monitor that produces HD pictures will make it easy for you to spot enemies in open fields or dark area.

The best gaming monitors for Fortnite provide a seamless experience. The monitors ensure you have smooth frame rates, which is critical to your overall gaming experience.

However, simply having a good gaming monitor is not enough to help you win Fortnite Battle Royale. The monitor needs the right settings. Read on for the best settings you should have.

Fortnite Monitor Settings

Here are the monitor settings you need to have an excellent Fortnite gaming experience.

Maximize the Brightness

The most straight-forward setting you can implement is maximizing the monitor brightness. A bright monitor will make it easy for you to spot other players over long distances or in dark areas.

You can also increase the brightness of the game. Go to Settings, then look under Brightness Calibration. For instance, Ninja Fortnite settings for the monitor is 0.67 instead of the default 0.5.

If you cannot seem to easily spot enemies when playing Fortnite, increase the game’s brightness. However, do not overdo the brightness. If the monitor is too bright, your eyes can get tired easily after hours of gaming.

Best Monitor Settings for Fortnite Battle Royale (PC, Xbox & PS4) 6 Best Monitor Settings for Fortnite Battle Royale (PC, Xbox & PS4) 7


Generally, you should leave the Contrast settings the way they are. Adjusting them will make the pictures to be oversaturated, which will give you a hard time focusing.

The best Contrast settings for Fortnite is the default one, which is half. For example, if your monitor has a Contrast of 1-100, set it to between 50-52 before starting to play Fortnite.

Reduce the Blur

If your monitor has the Blur Reduction setting, leave it off. Adjusting this setting will dim the picture slightly, as well as increase the input lag. If you experience motion blur when playing, turn off the Blur Reduction on the game.


If your monitor has the Sharpness setting, you want it to be between 5-7. You can also try the setting at between 7-10 but at this level, the text is likely to get too sharp to be readable.

Color Temperature

If you have chosen RGB as your color setting, the default is often R100, G100, and B100. For Fortnite, you want to get the RGB values to R99, G100 and B98.

Black eQualizer

Also known as Automatic Brightness Adjustment, the Black eQualizer make may dark areas to be more visible in real time when playing. However, if you have set your Brightness settings to high, you will not need the Black eQualizer.

The Black eQualizer setting will ensure your game’s brightness is updated in real time. However, in doing so, it will also reduce the quality of the image. Sometimes, the setting can cause image flicker.

Reduce Blue Light

If you find yourself often in the storm when playing Fortnite, reduce the Blue Light. Reducing the light will make it easy for you to spot other players on Fortnite who are in or about to leave the storm. However, remember that turning off the Blue Light will make your game lose some blue when you are playing.

After making any changes, make sure you save the monitor settings for the changes to come into effect.

Best Monitor Settings for Fortnite Battle Royale (PC, Xbox & PS4) 8

Best Monitor Settings for Fortnite Battle Royale (PC, Xbox & PS4) 9

Monitor Refresh Rate

Depending on the monitor you use, you may also be able to change the monitor refresh rate. The refresh rate refers to how often per second an image is displayed on your monitor. The Most monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is not ideal for fast-paced games.

The best gaming monitors have much higher refresh rates. For example, a 144Hz monitor will significantly increase your reaction time and enable you to make more precise movements in a short time because you will be getting twice the frame rate of a 60Hz monitor.

Of course, you cannot change the refresh rate of your current monitor. Your option would be to buy a new monitor with a higher refresh rate if your current one has 60Hz refresh rate.

How to Determine the Perfect Monitor Settings

To have the best Fortnite gaming experience, there are three critical monitor settings you need to adjust: color temperature, contrast, and brightness. You will have to experiment with these settings to find the combination of values that offers you the best results.

You can use the settings in this guide to get a better Fortnite playing experience

Which monitor settings for Fortnite are you using?

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