Best monitor for Fortnite

In this guide we will try to find the best screen to play Fortnite, h1Z1, pubg, csgo,or overwatch (FPS games). To do this we will explain various important factors to consider before buying a screen specially designed to play FPS games. We will also analyze screens used by professional players (Ninja etc.. …), while taking into consideration the price factor.

For lazy people:
Top1: BenQ XL2411
Top2: Asus VG248QE
Top3: Asus ROG Swift PG248Q
Top4: BenQ Zowie XL2730
Top5: Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

TN or IPs slabs: TN

TN slabs are ones that are privileged by the professional players of H1Z1, Fortnite and CS GO on the professional scene. They allow a very low latency time between graphics card and screen (usually around the 1 MS). For games requiring a low player responsiveness time, this is a very important element to consider.

Note that TN slabs are much cheaper than IPS slabs. Indeed, there are very good screens in 144Hz around 250$ where those in IPS revolve instead of 500$ for comparable refresh rate (do not worry, we will explain in detail what a refresh rate is). Only advantage of IPS slabs is that they have better contrasts, deeper blacks, and higher viewing angle.


To make it simple, TN slabs are the most efficient for video games thanks to lower latency but the image level rendering is less good than for IPS (you will see difference in movies but we’re here to find a good screen to play H1Z1).

Refresh rate: 144 Hz

Refresh rate is the number of frames by second that your screen can display, this frequency is expressed in hertz (Hz). Having 60 Hz screen while having 120 fps in a game is not very useful. On the other hand, have a 120 screen, capable of displaying 120 frames by second but only 60 FPS is just as useless. So your graphics card and screen should be balanced.


Switching from 60 Hz to 144Hz is a shock: the game seems much more fluid. What’s more, a gaming screen at 144Hz indirectly improves your game. A video of Intan gaming that tested its reflexes with 60 Hz screen and a 144 Hz display clearly proves this phenomenon.

Response time

This latency is lag between processing of the image by your processor until it is displayed on your screen. For games requiring a lot of reactivity as h1z1, it is necessary to minimize this time to be as responsive as possible.

Slab size and definition

Screens with size of 24 to 27 inches monopolize current market. We advise you to leave at least 24 inch and maximum on a 34 inch. Indeed, the price difference between a 22-and 24-inch screen is usually only about ten euros, for a player this investment is quite justified. Regarding report, we recommend the 16/9th which is most suitable for video playback and video game.

G-Sync / Freesync?

G-Sync Technology (NVIDIA)-FreeSync (AMD) fights the distortion of the image. It all stems from the lack of synchronization between the graphics card and the monitor. A problem that the V-sync option allows to partially correct, but not convincingly, since it generates a significant tearing (or tearing). G-sync/FreeSync chip integrates with the monitor to manage the refresh rate of the latter so that it is more in tune with the game’s animation speed.

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