Best Keyboard for Fortnite

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Computer accessories have drastically changed over the years apart from the keyboard. However, this is until gaming keyboards came into the picture.

The growth of the PC gaming industry fueled the development of a new range of equipment and gaming gear. When playing a game like Fortnite, key binding is critical. Therefore, you must have a responsive low-latency keyboard.

Gaming hardware has been transformed to be more capable, durable, and responsive. Even the traditional mouse with two buttons has been replaced with gaming mice with multiple buttons and more features. We previously uncovered the best gaming mouse for Fortnite.

In this post, we will look at the best gaming keyboards for Fortnite.

Best Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite

Logitech G810 Romer-G RGB
Corsair K55 Membrane RGB
K552-N by Redragon Outemu Blue Switches RGB Or Red
DBPOWER Membrane Red, Blue & Purple
Corsair K70 Cherry MX RGB

Gaming Keyboard Reviews

#1.  Logitech G810

The best keyboard for Fortnite is the Logitech G810. This keyboard has a minimal design but is an exceptionally high-quality gaming accessory. The keyboard has RBG lighting that can be customized to over 16.8 million colors. This means you can light up the keys that you often use when playing Fortnite.

The keyboard also comes with the Logitech Gaming Software where you can control all the gaming gear from Logitech, including the G502 mouse.

G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Check the Logitech G810 keyboard review video below for more information:

The Logitech G810 has mechanical key switches known as Romer-G. These switches are ultra-responsive and designed for the gamer, offering up to 25% faster key actuation than standard switches. The keyboard also has media controls (changing volume, mute, pause, and play) on the top right of the layout, which is a bonus as you won’t have to minimize your game when you need the controls.

Editor’s Verdict

The Logitech G810 has a small and beautiful form, which is perfect for gaming. It is not overly styled like most gaming keyboards and features an excellent build. We love the rubber on the bottom that adds to its weight and makes it harder to slide around your desk during the intense gaming sessions.

The keyboard also has RGB light with the most customization and responsive Romer-G switches. However, it does not have a USB port.

#2.  Corsair K55

The Corsair K55 is a toned down gaming keyboard as it has no wrist rest. The keyboard design is similar to conventional keyboards and, hence, you can use it for everyday tasks, and not just gaming.

CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K55 is a membrane keyboard. This means that is key is not individual, like is the case with a mechanical keyboard. As a result, the keyboard is quite cheap compared to other Fortnite keyboards. However, the cheap price does not mean it is not an excellent gaming keyboard.

The K55 has RGB back-lighting and an inbuilt memory for your LED nodes. Therefore, you won’t need external software to configure the LED nodes.

Editor’s Verdict

The Corsair K55 is the best membrane keyboard on the market. The gear is perfect if you are looking for a cheap gaming keyboard that is solid and will withstand dust and liquid. The comfortable and ergonomic keyboard has media control keys on the layout.

The only issue you may have is that the RBG light is not centered on each individual key.

#3.  K552-N by Redragon

If you have a limited budget, you may want to check the K552-N-Kumara keyboard. This gaming keyboard has not LED lighting or RGB and its back-lighting is barely noticeable. There are no external media control keys and it looks pretty much like a standard keyboard. However, this is a mechanical keyboard.

The K552-N is a simple yet neat-looking gaming keyboard. It does not have a flashy design like others we’ve looked on this gaming keyboard review.

Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard K552-N

The keys of the K552-N offer medium resistance and can be compared to blue switches. The keys produce an audible click sound that is not overwhelming. The clicks are precise and crisp, perform great, and offer excellent feedback.

Editor’s Verdict

The K552-N keyboard is small and will save your desk space. The quality mechanical keyboard has a great feel and sound, is inexpensive and does the job well. It does not have fancy features like most gaming keyboards.


If you are looking for the best budget gaming keyboard, then you should check the DBPOWER. This mechanic keyboard has three key backlighting colors (purple, blue, and red) that can be customized for permanent lighting or to be breathable. You do not need any software or driver to work with this keyboard like is the case with many others.

The DBPOWER has a standard USB braided cable and is pretty much plug in and play.

DBPOWER keyboard

The DBPOWER has an excellent build quality and its keys are reasonably louder. However, it is not a 100% mechanical keyboard but comes close. Moreover, at a price of under $50, you cannot beat this keyboard.

The form factor is not something that the DBPOWER has utilized well. The keyboard is compact and will not take up a large part of your gaming desktop.

Editor’s Verdict

The DBPOWER is the best budget gaming keyboard for anyone that would like to test a mechanical keyboard without breaking the bank. However, the build quality is a little low and, hence, the keyboard will not last for years. While the DBPOWER feels like a mechanical keyboard, experienced users will notice it is not.

We love this budget gaming keyboard as it vibrates. However, it lacks color cycle function and has limited lighting choices.

#5.  Corsair K70

The Corsair K70 has a wrist rest and, therefore, is ideal for long gaming sessions. If you wish, you can remove the wrist stand to remain with a lot smaller keyboard. The design is professional but somewhat extreme. This mechanical keyboard also has RGB backlighting that you can personalize to your liking.

The K70 keyboard is available in both black and red, with the latter coming at a slightly lower price.

CORSAIR K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The keys on the Corsair K70 has Cherry MX switches, which are an alternative to the Romer-G switches used on Logitech keyboards. The MX switches are linear and produce negligible when on a mechanical keyboard.

Editor’s Verdict

The Corsair K70 is a solid gaming keyboard with high-quality MX switches that come in different colors. The switches make the keyboard quite responsive. The keyboard has a wrist rest, the media controls are integrated with the layout, and has RGB lighting.

However, its cable is quite large at heavy, at 7mm diameter.

Types of Gaming Keyboards

You can play Fortnite games better when using the right keyboard. The best Fortnite keyboard is one that has a short response time on the keys to reduce the latency before the computer registers the buttons.

Gaming keyboards come with different keys, which have various switches and springs. The switches and springs determine whether you will get reliable feedback for every key press. The keyboards also have RGB lighting, which means you can set your favorite color as the backlight of the keys.

The best gaming keyboard to buy is one that will fit you. Most gamers prefer mechanical and membrane keyboards. Below is an overview of the two types of keyboards:

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards have been used for many years. These gears are responsive and provide excellent feedback. The keyboards are comfortable and among the best for gamers.

However, one issue with them is that they make louder sounds than regular keyboards. Each keypress produces a hearable click sound.

Membrane Keyboards

With membrane keyboards, the keys are printed on a single sheet of flexible plastic. Each key has its own pressure pad. Therefore, the keyboards have less moving parts and, hence, manufacturing them is cheap. This is the reason why membrane keyboards are among the cheapest gaming keyboards.

Membrane keyboard will withstand dirt and liquids better since every key is one solid piece. However, every key is register instantly when pressed.

What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

There are various factors to keep in mind when you want to buy a gaming keyboard. To begin, you have to decide whether to go for a membrane or mechanical keyboard. These two keyboards feel and perform differently. You should choose one that will be comfortable for you to use.

Generally, membrane keyboards are cheaper and produce less noise when being used than mechanical keyboards. Apart from this, they do not require a lot of force when pressed.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are more comfortable and faster in writing. The force required to press a key would depend on the color you would use for your switches. Moreover, you do not have to press a key all the way down to trigger it. Therefore, using a mechanical keyboard will help you react faster when you are gaming.

The best mechanical switch to select will depend on your preferences. For example, a cherry black switch would need about 60g of actuation force to be pressed while a red cherry switch would require about 45g. While these differences may seem small, you will not fail to notice them after many hours of gaming or typing.

Light actuation also helps you type faster, and the heavy keys will ensure you make fewer miss-clicks when gaming.

It is advisable to try different switches to determine which one would be right for you. You can buy the switches online or try them at the local computer store.

Noise is another important factor to consider when looking to buy a mechanical keyboard. The switches used on mechanical boards produce a click sound when the keys are pressed. The sound could potentially be irritating in a home or office environment. Therefore, consider the noise made by the keyboard you would like to by,

For instance, Logitech keyboards are mostly quiet since they use Romer-G switches. On the other hand, keyboards that use cherry MX Blue switches tend to produce a rather loud click sound.

How Mechanical Switches Sound and Feel

If you use the computer for extended sessions every day, it would be better to use a mechanical keyboard. The same applies whether you are on your computer for work or gaming.

There are different types of switches for mechanical keyboards. The most popular is known as the Cherry MX and is used on many keyboards. Logitech keyboards use their own switch known as the Romer-G. The switches can feel clicky, linear, or tactile.

Clicky Switches

These switches produce feedback in the form of both a bump and clicky sound. These switches are commonly known as MX Blue switches.


These switches have a smooth feel when pressed and do not produce extra feedback along travel from top to bottom. The switches are generally referred to as MX Red switches.


These switches produce a slight feedback bump when you press the key. The bump will indicate that key has been activated. The switches are commonly known as MX Brown switches.

Apart from the Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and Red switches, there are Clear, Green, and Black options. The switches differ in terms of feel, noise volume, and actuation force.

If you are a beginner gamer, we recommend you go for either the Romer-G (Logitech) switch or the MX Brown or MX Red. These switches produce reasonable noise. MX Green and MX Blue switches produce the loudest sounds.

Check the table below for the type of feedback, noise and actuation force of different mechanical keyboards.

Romer-G Low Tactile 45g
Cherry MX Brown Medium Tactile 45g
Cherry MX Red Low Linear 45g
Cherry MX Blue High Clicky 60g
Cherry MX Black Low Linear 60g
Cherry MX Clear Medium Linear 60g
Cherry MX Green High Clicky 75g

RGB Mechanical Keyboards for Backlight

The best gaming keyboards on the market today have LED and RGB lights. The lights can be turned on and off when you want. However, if you tend to game in dark environments, you may want a keyboard with a permanent light or color. Keyboards that make a pulsing or animated pattern of colors can reduce your concentration.

LED light keyboards only have one color or a limited number of color choices. On the other hand, RGB lighting can cover the whole color spectrum. If you need a basic colored backlit keyboard, choose an LED one. LED keyboards are also cheaper than RGB options.

Which gaming keyboard for Fortnite do you use?

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