Best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile

For many mobile gamers, the arrival of Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a very interesting change. Mobile games used to be boring, kid-specific stuff that lacked any sense of credibility or invention. As time has gone on, though, that has changed quite spectacularly.

Today, gaming on a mobile device is about as fun as you could have realistically expected. The development of two of the most popular games on the market today, though, has been a major talking point for all manner of mobile gamers getting into the scene.

One problem exists, though – gaming on a mobile device sucks. Thumbing the screen all day not only leaves you with numb thumbs at the end of a session, but it makes it hard to really get into the gaming experience. Add in the fact that your screen space is wasted with these buttons on the side, and it’s much harder to find any genuine fun if you are used to playing with a pad.

While the team behind PUBG, TenCent, have recently made it clear that they will be reducing people playing with pads and/or keyboard and mouse to only being able to play each other, playing with a pad is the best way to have fun with this.

If you want to start cleaning up on Fortnite or PUBG Mobile, then you need to invest in a decent mobile gaming pad. We have three main recommendations for you to take a look at today, and they include:

The Moga Hero Power

The Moga Hero Power is definitely one of the better mobile gaming pads. It’s a very easy to use full-size controller that should give you ample control over how you play and the general manner in which you take on the challenges ahead. Not only that, but the comfortable and ergonomic nature of the design ensures that it should fit in your fit and feel pretty damn comfortable when playing.

Its solid grip is pretty rare for a gaming pad for mobile, making it a good choice for these two games. If you want to find the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile, then this definitely should be high up on the list of the pads that you take a look at. It’s got that standard dual analogue style, which makes it a popular choice to go with for all manner of reasons.

However, the thing that we love most about the Moga Hero Power is the 2200mAh battery included in there. this allows you to easily connect it up and charge using a Micro USB cable as you play. Obviously watch how much you tug on the cable as you play; things can get pretty hectic, and it’s easy to tug that cable and damage it!

For those who want to use a pad that does not rip the battery of their smartphone to pieces, then this is a very good pad to look into.

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The Pyrus Telescopic

Next on our list of the moved beloved gaming pads to use is the Pyrus Telescopic. Most claim that this is the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile for various reasons, not least the fact that the analogues are super smooth and feels really comfortable. Add in the fact that this splits in two and sites either-side of the phone screen, and it can feel a touch more ergonomic for those who hate normal console-style pads.

This is very different, and should give you an easier time to play with your smartphone without any real limits to what you can do or so.

It’s quite minimalistic in terms of features, but it’s super-comfortable and makes the perfect choice for those who want a pad that just makes it easier to play. It’s got a kind of similar style to the Nintendo Switch, which should make it a good choice for lots of users.

Response is crisp, the quality is impressive and it’s very easy to work with. If you are looking for the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile on Android, then we have to recommend that you take a closer look at this.

Check the price on Amazon -> Pyrus telescopic

The Razer Serval

Last but certainly not least is that of the lovely Razer Serval. The Serval is a fine choice, but is by far the most expensive on the list we have for you. However, it more than makes up for the cost of it as this is the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile for those who want something more akin to an Xbox 36 0pad.

It’s a cool choice and should work with most Android smartphones. That comfortable and textured grip makes sure that it feels good to hold, meaning that you shouldn’t end up throwing it out of your hand once the going gets tough in either game!

The conventional layout helps a lot, and the durable screen holder should keep your phone in place so that you can play with absolutely no limits or problems. It’s also got a fully connectable Micro USB slot as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The Serval also comes with a very impressive battery life is you just so happen to use a pair of AA batteries.

Out of the three options that we can recommend, we think you will find that the Serval is the most balanced of the trio.

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What Should I Choose?

That isn’t for us to say – it’s entirely a choice that you can, and should, make on your own. Nobody can make this call for you sadly; you need to be ready to make this call on your own. If money is no issue, then the Razer Serval is probably the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile players.

If you want something totally different, though, go for the Pyrus Telescpic. Whatever you choose, though, one of these three gaming pads is set to be the perfect add-on to your collection for years to come!

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