3D Printers – Modern Technology Miracle

MartinA April 3, 2017
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Introduction: Modern 3D printers can print virtually any object – from children’s toys to a Dentek dental guard, sports equipment like a Bowflex 5.1 bench to perfect models of vehicles and their components.

Until recently, a 3D printer was a fantasy that was extremely difficult to believe. The printer could only be found in movies and books of the future.However, today 3D printers are not only a reality, but also common in people’s lives. In addition, they are available to everyone.

Of course, the cost of this printer is quite high. However, if you are buying to use it for production of any goods, its value will pay off quickly.

What is a 3D Printer?

A 3D-printer is a device that can display three-dimensional data.In other words, this3d-printer printer can create three-dimensional figures.Everyone is familiar with the conventional printer, which can print text or images.The operating principle of a 3D printer is similar to the conventional one. However, 3D printers create three-dimensional objects in said program.

3D printing technology is based on the sequential application of layers.The print used is plastic, which melts in the print head. After layering, the plastic hardens and solidifies.

The advantages of 3D printing over traditional methods of creating prototype models include fast printing speed, ease of manufacture and low cost.In other words, to create a specific object by hand can take several weeks or even a month while 3D printers can do the same work in a few hours, sometimes even minutes. The cost of handmade manufactured products is usually high since much time is spent in creating  a model.With 3D printers, there is only one consumable – plastic, which is cheap.

Who Invented the 3D Printer?

The inventor of 3D printing technology and the first device for generating a volumetric model is Charles Hull. Of course, in those days there was no such thing as a “printer”. Charles Hull’s invention went by the name “Stereolithography”.


The technology was developed in 1984, but only 2 years later Charles was granted a patent for the invention. In the years to come, Hull founded a company called 3D System. In 1988, the company began mass production of the first three-dimensional model of the machine – SLA-250.

Benefits of 3D Printers

The combination of high speed production models and low cost consumables final product from using a 3D printer result in low production cost.This makes 3D printers the perfect tool for solving specific tasks.

Another advantage of 3D printing is practicality. The printers that make errors in the manufacturing process model.Therefore, you can completely eliminate the “human factor” in the workplace.

How Do 3D Printers Work?

Modern 3D printers can print virtually any object – from children’s toys to a Vital Sleep mouthpiece, sports equipment like a XMark Adjustable XM 7630 Bench to perfect models of vehicles and their components.

The printers allow you to create experimental models, which can then be run. For example, car companies usually make small copies of the individual units of the automobile – gear transmissions, cylinder heads, piston group, and so on.This allows the designers to visually explore mechanisms to work with and improve the individual parts.

A professional 3D Printer is an indispensable tool in any industry. For example, in construction industry, companies can build scale models of future buildings and entire neighborhoods. The models are highly accurate and this makes the work of engineers easier.

Why Do You Need a 3D Printer?

A 3D printer can produce a lot of things used in everyday life. For example, it can produce combs, hair clips, pens, key rings, figurines, as well as a variety of educational games for young children. A common consumer 3D printer can be of great help in the house, as it can be used to make almost any item or toy.

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